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  • Controlled environment
  • Physical security
  • Disaster management
  • Availability
  • Information security
  • Network security
  • Network health visibility


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Abbecus Systems, Inc.

Reports: Patch Status, Hardware Summary, Device Security, Website Monitoring, Windows Server Health

Monthly reviews will help you to understand where, when and how to best invest your IT budget—and control costs with reports customized to your needs.

  • REDUCED RISK - Baseline security scanning to detect security holes
  • Continuous monitoring for viruses, worms, spam ware and other malware
  • Automated verification of data back up completion
  • Identification of any failed back ups
  • Executive Summary
  • Provides an overview of entire site statu
  • Website Monitoring
  • Up-to-date information on website reliability
  • Patch Status
  • Summarizes security patches that were applied for targeted devices
  • Server Health
  • Establishes performance baselines and
  • identifies areas of improvement
  • Site Performance
  • Identifies the top most-stressed devices by memory usage and CPU
  • Work Completed
  • Summarizes information on cleared alerts, completed tickets, and scripts run